Swop junk food for real food to boost your glow and feel amazing – in just 28 days!

What it is

This is not a juice cleanse or a herbal tea diet. It’s a gentle 28-day programme that will see you gradually eliminating things — like sugar and processed foods — from your diet that your body finds harder to process and introduce more nutrient-rich whole foods that give your body the building blocks it needs to heal and repair.

Over the course of the programme, you’ll learn to cook simple, yet delicious, meals that nourish your body with the nutrients it needs in order to function at its best — but all while eating real food. You’ll have more energy, feel lighter and have glowing skin.

  • Food swop guide
  • Affordable shopping lists
  • Easy-to-follow meal plan
  • Delicious & healthy recipes


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Who it’s for

Anyone can include a processed foods ‘detox’ into their self-care routine to help reinvigorate a sluggish system. But this programme is especially for you if you experience any of these symptoms…

  • Low energy
  • Skin that’s dull or prone to breakouts
  • Feeling sluggish
  • Brain fog, especially after lunch
  • Eating a lot but never feeling satisfied
  • Bloating
  • Slow metabolism
  • Often feeling thirsty
  • Constipation or irregular bowel movements
  • Constant stuffy nose
  • Sinus headaches

How it works

It’s called a detox because you will be getting rid of potentially toxic processed foods and instead, eat food that benefits your body. This program isn’t designed for weight loss or dieting in the traditional sense (though you may drop a few kilos as a bonus).

Your body is masterfully designed to rid itself of toxins without any external help. The problem is, if you keep pumping it full of toxins like alcohol and hard-to-process food the system becomes overloaded. Deprive your body of what it really needs in order to naturally flush out waste and it becomes sluggish, leaving you feeling bloated, heavy and lacking energy. This four-week meal plan is designed to help you eliminate processed foods, refined sugars and ‘junk’ from your daily diet.

A 28-day programme that works

Sign up now for just R250!