Frequently Asked Questions

Will I feel hungry on this plan?

This is not a juice, tea or soup cleanse. You will be eating real food full of fibre, carbohydrates, protein and healthy fats for the full 28 days.

Ensure that you’re drinking water regularly and stick to regular mealtimes. 

I have food allergies. Can I follow the programme?

Yes — simply omit them or use substitutes as you would in the course of your normal life.

Will I need to spend more money on food?

No! In fact, you may spend less. The weekly shopping lists contain ingredients needed for the recipes provided which means you’ll shop for just what you need. You’ll also be cutting out junk food which will help you save.  

Does it have any side effects?

As with any new diet, your body needs to adjust. You may experience mild cold-like symptoms or diarrhoea. Not everyone experiences these symptoms and they shouldn’t be severe on a gentle programme like this one. They should also disappear soon, leaving you revitalised. 

How much water, tea and coffee can I drink?  

The recommended amount of water for one person, per day is eight glasses. 

Studies have shown that four cups of coffee per day is a safe amount and the same for caffeinated tea. Try to cut out caffeinated drinks at least four hours before bedtime.

What happens after 28 days?

Use this plan as a guide to eat healthily but give yourself room to experiment with even more recipes and flavours. Try to stay away from processed food to keep looking and feeling great. You can also slightly increase the portion sizes, especially if you’re exercising. If you’re unsure, consult your GP or a registered dietician.